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Audience Connect - FAQ

Important Announcement: Audience Connect will be sunset on 29th January 2021.

What This Means For You:

  • The Presenter Dashboard, your Session Reports and the ‘Join a Presentation’ audience login page will no longer be active from 29th January 2021.
  • Some users may experience one of several known issues. Please refer to the list of known errors and workarounds here.
  • Your presentation decks and content will remain accessible via Google Slides after the sunset date.
  • The Audience Connect app will remain on your desktop until you delete it, but you will not be able to log in or run any interactive presentations via the app after the sunset date.

What You Need to Do:

Are there any alternative tools you can use?

  • Users may access Google Slides native Q&A functionality for live audience interaction.
  • Keep an eye out for future interactive functionality across Google Docs

How does Audience Connect work?

Audience Connect is a desktop app that allows you to run interactive Google Slides presentations and connect with your audience. It integrates with your Slides account, allowing you to access your existing presentations, or create a new one within the app.

Can I present from my mobile phone?

Audience Connect is a desktop-only app available for both MacOS and Windows. Presenters can only present from the app through a laptop or desktop computer.

I can access my deck from Google Slides, but the exercises don’t work.

Even though your presentations are accessible and editable through your Google Slides account, any interactive exercises will need to be inserted, edited and presented through the Audience Connect desktop app. Exercises will only work when you’re presenting through the app, not your browser.

The exercises don’t work when I present.

  • Check you are presenting from the desktop app, not Google Slides within your browser.
  • Check you have a ‘Join Presentation’ slide added, so your audience can join your session.

How does the audience join my presentation?

  • We automatically insert a ‘Join Presentation’ slide into your deck that includes instructions and a space for the access code to display when in presentation mode.
  • Your audience can use their phones or laptops to navigate to our website and hit the ‘Join presentation’ link, this will prompt them to enter the access code to join.

I don’t see the side panel to add exercises?

If the Audience Connect Add-On side panel doesn’t appear, you can launch it manually from the menu in the app: Add-ons → Audience Connect → Launch

The exercises look misaligned when I insert them into my deck

  • If the exercise and result slides are not aligning properly, you might be using a template with a custom aspect ratio. Check this at 'File' → 'Page Setup' and set your slides deck to 'widescreen 16:9'.
  • Also check your deck is not using transitions.

Where is my Movies/Videos folder?

  • Mac users will find their Movies folder at ⁨Users⁩ ▸ ⁨<username> ▸ Movies
  • Windows users will find their Videos folder at ⁨User ▸  <username> ▸ Videos

What file types can I use for my videos?

  • Audience Connect currently works for .mp4 videos only.
  • Some exercises have a maximum video duration, please refer to the on-screen instructions.

My presentation froze and I couldn’t move on.

  • Similar to any Google Slides presentations, you may experience issues when presenting a deck with large assets. We recommend you compress all images & GIFs where possible.
  • Please also ensure to remove any GIFs on your first slide as this can interfere with the system load.

Can I share my presentation with collaborators?

  • Yes you can! Simply grant edit permission and also share all videos files (including any subfolders within your ‘Movies’ or ‘Videos’ folder). Your collaborator needs to have the same video files saved on their local hard drive in order to present using Audience Connect.
  • Audience Connect does not support View-only access rights - please create a copy if you’ve been shared a View-only presentation.

How can I access my session report?

You will receive an email once your session has finished. You will also be able to access your reports via the app in the finder menu → Session Reports

Can I submit feedback?

Absolutely, we love hearing from our users. For any suggestions, thoughts or if you are experiencing issues, please email