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Discovery campaign asset specifications

If you need more guidance on how to create assets for Discovery ads, below are some principles we've noticed are common in effective campaigns:

1. Use high resolution, well-crafted images to stop your audience mid-scroll.

You should:

  • Use high-resolution imagery - at least 1200x628px
  • Aim for tight shots with a core subject that is centrally framed, with professional lighting
  • Use strong visual contrast, depth of field, and bold colors attract eyes 
  • Keep overlaid text to a minimum. If you really need it, keep it large and simple
  • Keep backgrounds simple

2. Choose images that inspire, to make your audience want to learn more.

You should:

  • Show the product or service being promoted
  • Feature a single product per image
  • Avoid stock photography; if using stock, make sure it connects with your brand and story

3. Craft your copy to help your audience evaluate your message and take action.

You should:

  • Give key details about your product and brand so your audience don't have to leave their feed
  • Plan for the right copy lengths - Headlines are 25 characters, Descriptions are 90 characters and the Business Name is 25 characters
  • Write for the conversion, not just the click 
  • Use conversational language 
  • Write copy in sentence case