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Meet the Makers E1: Gabriel Schmitt, FCB - Stay Home of The Whopper

How FCB NY delivered for Burger King despite lockdown.

The start of the COVID-19 pandemic hit the advertising industry hard. Those lucky enough to still be working were suddenly handcuffed. Production of new work was almost impossible. So it’s remarkable FCB managed to deliver a fresh, high quality and genuinely funny TrueView spot for Burger King.
How did they do it? In Episode 1 of Meet the Makers we get all the insights from Chief Creative Officer, Gabriel Schmitt. Gabriel has three pieces of advice for anyone wanting to replicate FCB’s success.

1. Stay true to your brand

It was just too tempting for many brands. In the early days of COVID-19, “we’re in this together” quickly became the marketing cliché. But while other brands changed their tone, Burger King were brave enough to retain their edge. As Gabriel says; “Make people have a second of laughter but also understand what we were saying was serious.”

2. Rally all your decision makers

It’s no big secret: A closer client/agency relationship generates mutual trust and, ultimately, better work. What is surprising is how FCB managed to take their relationship with Burger King to the next level. Gone was the email chain of endless briefs and debriefs soaking up time. Instead, FCB and BK decision-makers used a group chat to decide “everything”.

3. Double-check with your audience

Gabriel admits; “I said, let’s test this.” is a highly unusual suggestion from any creative. But this was an unusual time. To make sure they had the tone perfect, the team at FCB commissioned a ‘Disaster check.’ Clearly the campaign passed with flying colours but, when in doubt, check.

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