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Google Display Ads

The window to creative opportunity

Google display ads appear when browsing online, watching YouTube, checking Gmail, or using apps. Intelligent ad technologies provide opportunities to make meaningful connections, add utility, interaction, and more. Plus, Google display ads reaches 90% of people on the internet*.

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Embrace what data can do for your brand

Who your audience is, where they are, and what they want can make messaging far more relevant. Choose whether you focus on one aspect, or a combination, to make a unique connection in display. If you don’t have access to this data, ask your media or client partners to source it.

Use display as a window to a bigger moment

Display is the place to be super relevant or supremely disruptive:

• Make life easier. Bring video, websites, tools, or utilities closer.

• Host experience. Showcase live events or peek into another world.

• Build delight. Deliver the unexpected or something memorable.  

Use utilities, upcoming events, or memorable moments in display, to draw an audience in.

Four key pillars to drive display:

Scale: Open up the audiences, wherever they are in the world.

Speed: Upload and change creative within hours.

Flexibility: Regardless of device, assets adapt to their location in milliseconds.

Intelligence: Use data insights for the right message, right audience, right place, in real time.

Now, imagine what all that could do when applied to a good idea.

Pushing the boundaries of display advertising.

Be inspired by creative ideas that demonstrate what’s possible.