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Creating during COVID-19

Currently, on every single one of our briefs there’s the same creative challenge – how to express a creatively compelling message amidst a rapidly changing world. While there are obvious limitations during this time – this is an opportunity for makers to get inspired about what’s possible and discover new ways of bringing their ideas to life. No one has all the answers, but below are some case studies, considerations and solutions to help you navigate your next move.

How to adapt

Staying relevant without being tone-deaf in a situation like this is a bit of a balancing act. Bringing your idea to life in a way that’s sensitive to the current climate, feasible from a production point of view, and nimble enough to pivot and evolve with the times – it’s very possible, but it pays to have a plan.

Consider the logistics around production

With most shoots out of the window (or logistically not viable), think about the existing footage you might have access to. Alternatively, animation, user generated content and stock footage are all great ways of bringing an idea to life. Most importantly, stay positive – the best ideas are sometimes borne by limitations.

Understand the role of your brand and message

Whether you’re creating work for an essential service or not, it’s important to uncover the right tone and expression of your message. Are you wanting to inform, entertain, or rally people around something more emotive? Is it best to keep it simple? Do you want to be transparent in your approach? Consider human context and whether your brand solves a need. If you’ve got no obvious role to play, maybe it’s a community-based message.

Stay nimble

Think about the timeframe of your communication – if you’re specific in your message in regards to current events or audience, consider how you will need to adapt to stay relevant. If you’re speaking more broadly and abstractly about challenge and resilience, you might find your message has a longer shelf-life. Also, making your executions digital allows you to add, remove and tweak your content as things change.

Staying up to speed with what other brands are doing, and looking at their tone of voice and tactical approach, is the best way to understand where your message fits in.  To see some great examples of brand behaviour during Covid-19, take a look here.

We’re here to help

More than anything, we’re here to help during this time. Below are a few ideas to make things a little easier, and provide a new perspective on the creative process as we navigate the unknown together.

YouTube Mockup Tool 
Make sure it looks the part – see how your ad appears on YouTube, in full-screen, on desktop or mobile formats.

Director Mix
Reach out to the right community. Create customised videos at scale, swapping out different elements to tailor content to specific audiences.

Think With Google 
Browse a collection of tools, resources and insights designed to help marketers navigate uncertain times.

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