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Customised Creative: Director Mix

The power of personalisation made easy

YouTube Director Mix is our tool for making customised video at scale, serving ads to suit your audience’s interests and intent. This means you can customise a base video asset with relevant creative elements: headlines, images, prices, translations, and more. The video and elements are stitched together, produced fast and at scale, reducing the need for endless edits. This results in thousands of video variations with relatively little effort.

Customise multiple layers

• Audio. Provide different soundtracks or voiceovers for different viewers.

• Text. Swap headlines or calls-to-action, including price, links, or local language variations.

• Imagery. Images in the video could change depending on what the user is about to watch.

• Audience. Reference a user’s time of day, location, or interests.  

Some things to consider:

Simple is effective. Keep assets and variables uncomplicated for easy customisation.

Be topical. Real-time means video can be relevant to content, news stories, or cultural trends.

Act local. Include the viewer’s city, language, or closest store.

Tap any source. Draw from relevant data: pricing, weather, reviews, or product availability.

Pioneer possibility. Opportunities exist in all categories, and in ways never done before.

Director Mix. A tool to design and implement highly customised ad campaigns.

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