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TrueView for action

TrueView for action

Make your call-to-action, part of the action.

YouTube is great for branding and building consideration. And thanks to TrueView for action, you can connect those amazing stories with a compelling, digital call-to-action.

In a nutshell, TrueView for action is a skippable video ad optimized for conversions with Smart Bidding (Maximize Conversions or Target CPA) and a custom call-to-action accompanied by a companion banner, end card and overlay – perfect for any action, conversion and lead generation: Buy Now, Learn More, Watch More, Download, etc.

And when applied in a creative way, TrueView for action is an exciting tool every maker can use to take advantage of the platform – helping every customer close the loop on their path to purchase in a frictionless, user-friendly way.

Some things to consider:

Build bespoke creative for the campaign. Utilize all the platform has to offer – explore the geography of the format with interesting graphics and in-camera techniques which highlight your call-to-action in unique ways.

Utilize the interactive call-to-action button. Make it blatantly obvious what you want your audience to do.

Take advantage of the first 5 seconds. Try to hook your audience's attention through dialogue, voiceover, sound effects and graphics.

Prioritize your messaging. Experiment with front-loading your offer/benefit/product or service.

Think mobile and smaller, dimmer screens. Tighter framing, bright footage, large text and faster pacing help stand out.

Consider sound design and voiceovers. YouTube is a sound-on platform, use it to make every execution that much more compelling.

Make your CTA bespoke to your audience or action, and try a few. For example, if you're showing off a new car, test 'Test Drive','Learn More' and 'Buy Now' to see which is more effective.

TrueView for action ads that push the boundaries

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