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Winning Combinations

Combine formats for a powerful force

The best creative ideas don’t fit conveniently in a box and it’s exactly why YouTube offers a creatively diverse series of video formats. Stories can live in all sorts of ways, drawn out across some or all formats. The more you understand how formats can work together, the more possibilities open up.

The formats

Six-second bumpers are the shortest and most humble format. Used frequently, they can establish the pace or set up other formats to strike. Plus, they’re equally effective on their own.

Non-skippable 15-20 second spots can be delivered frequently. Compared to bumpers, there’s more to land and non-skippables are particularly impactful when executed at the right time.

TrueView is your big bet. Landed just right, they can be extremely effective in helping shift opinions about a brand. Getting past that 30-second mark contributes significantly to how viewers feel.

Some things to consider:

Consider the viewer journey. Bite-size spots over time can increase impact and memorability.

Use combinations. Think of ways stories can be broken down, combined, or expanded.

Story structure. Build campaigns combinations best suited to the story, product, or objectives.

Focus on those interested. Bring engaged viewers into something more meaningful.

Video Ad Sequencing. Ensure viewers, or a particular audience, will see the whole story.

Respond to behaviour. See how the audience responds and adapt creative accordingly.

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