Create with Google
Create with Google

Here’s how to give your submission a great chance of being featured on the Inspiration Hub:

Make sure it’s recent, and bespoke to a Google platform.

Your submission should be fairly recent (post 2017), and utilise Google platforms in a new and interesting way.

Does it have creativity at its heart?

At Create with Google we’re inspired by compelling ideas – relentlessly looking to raise the bar of creativity on our platforms. The more a submission stands out as creatively unique, the more chance it has of being featured.

Respecting creative copyright.

Can you link directly to an agency, or brand-owned YouTube channel? We respect creative copyright and populate the Inspiration Hub based on YouTube videos and case studies from the official channels of each ads originators, allowing them to retain control of their content.

The more information the better.

Is there any further information you can provide? Region where the work ran, the impact it had and recognition it received are all helpful elements when submitting your work.

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