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Audience Connect

Invite the audience to connect and engage with Google Slides presentations from their own phones.

Shift the presentation from broadcast to conversation

Connect audience members to your Google Slides presentation via their mobile phone. Learn more about the people in the room, engage with interactive exercises, and invite questions or feedback. Turning passive listeners into active participants creates deeper connections, makes content more memorable, and uncovers valuable audience insights.

Connect. Interact. Feedback.

Do more than just connect: Avoid video lag by preloading and playing video direct from your laptop. Customise audience interactions to your presentation content. Invite individual audience members to submit questions, feedback, or download content during the presentation, so you can follow-up later.


Download Audience Connect using your Google Slides Account. Open Google Slides and select “Audience Connect” from the “Add-ons” dropdown menu. Then “Enable” the Audience Connect icon in your navigation bar and fill in your details.

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Choose an audience interaction from the right-hand side panel. Once you’ve customised it, drag and drop on the page where you want the interaction to take place.

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Selecting ‘Present’ mode in Google Slides will automatically launch an Audience Connect session. Give your session a name and click “Start Session” to automatically generate an access code that’s visible to your audience.

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Before starting your presentation, direct your audience to on their phone and click “Launch Audience Connect”. They can use their phone to type in the access code and fill in their details. Once done, your presentation can begin.

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Invite audiences to connect and engage with your presentation. First access available in September 2019.