Create with Google
Create with Google

Director Mix

Create customised videos at scale, swapping out different elements to tailor content to specific audiences.

Videos for different audiences, languages, and locations

Start with one base video, then swap the text, images, or sound to deliver personalised video ads to your customers. You can completely change the creative at scale and at speed, and without sacrificing creative quality.

Create and collaborate

Director Mix is a single point of entry, where brands and agencies can work together to identify their priority audiences and quickly customise large numbers of videos, while collaborating on rounds of feedback and evaluating creative iterations with ease.

Get started with Director Mix

Plan. Establish the variable elements for your campaign – audience segments, text, image, video, audio – before production begins.

Base Video. Begin with a video that can be customised with one or multiple components.

Customise. Based on your variable elements, collect the assets needed to customise your video – images, copy, voice over, etc.

Generate. Director Mix generates multiple versions of the base video, customised for the desired audience segments for easy review and approval.

Upload. Director Mix enables you to easily upload the videos to your YouTube Channel and prepare campaigns to run in Google Ads.

To access Director Mix, please contact your Google representative.

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