Create with Google
Create with Google

YouTube Video Builder

A fast way to create high impact, YouTube-ready ads using still images, supers and logos. Giving you the advantage of creating at speed.

Create at the speed of change

Getting your message to masses has never been easier, or faster, than with YouTube Video Builder. Create, review and share your ads in minutes, before pushing them live to the world.

Put every production to the test

Video Builder brings agility to the production process by enabling rapid experimentation. Even if you have no production facilities, Video Builder can help create videos quickly using a few simple creative assets.

A little goes a long way

All you need to get started is a handful of still images, copy and logos. Video Builder will walk you through each step of the process - from choosing fonts and music, to recommending copy length and image positioning. No experience needed.

Review, optimize, repeat

Make sure all of your images and copy are working together as best as possible with previews along the way. There's no limit to the number of ads you can create.

Get the team up to speed

Inviting your team to share any feedback is as simple as sending them a link. And updating your ads is just as easy.

Reach out to your Google team to request access to YouTube Video Builder.

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